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Yusic Kalimba


Yusic – Bringing Music Everywhere

Music should be able to be played everywhere we go. Yusic Malaysia focus on smaller and portable music instruments (starts from Kalimba), where we believe these tiny instruments helps create music wherever we go due to the ease of carrying these tiny music instruments around. Let your talent shine! Don’t just keep it in your house or once in a while stage performance. Although we know you want to surprise people sometimes. =)

More, coming soon…

Yusic will introduce more interesting tiny music instruments. Stay tuned!

Element of Personalization

Yusic add-on the beauty of the Kalimba by giving it unique identity. We believe your music instruments should be unique and has it’s personal character that tie to it’s owner. Yusic Kalimba is the 1st personalized Kalimba in Malaysia.

Gathering, Camping, Music, Have Fun

You love music and so do we. With small music instruments, you create fun and happy musical moments be it on a gathering, camping or your home.

About Kalimbas


The Kalimba is a modern version of the African mbira. The word Kalimba literally means little music. Different country named it differently, the name mbira is more commonly used in Zimbabwe, while the name Kalimba is used in Kenya, the name ikembe is used in Rhuanda, and the name likembe is used in the Congo. Other names are bit less common such as sanza, sansa, marimba, and marimbula. Additionally, there are more generic names of finger harp, gourd piano, and thumb piano that are often used in the west. It is mainly named for using the thumb to move the sheet on the body (mainly made of wood, bamboo, and metal in modern development).

Resonant Box vs Flat Board

Some kalimbas were made on hollow resonant bodies (with sound hole), while some were mounted on a flat board (without any sound hole). The box-mounted kalimba is louder and you can get a great “wah-wah” sound effect by covering and uncovering the sound holes.

Tuning Kalimba

Nowadays you can easily tune your kalimba by using phone application & tuning hammer. Our kalimba comes with instruction booklet and tuning hammer that you can use together with phone application to tune your kalimba.